Horizons Unlimited Landscape Design


Extremely Knowledgeable

I have been a very pleased and grateful client of Steve and Horizons Unlimited for over five years. We built our home, and Steve was with us from the beginning. He had the great ability to see beyond the mud and construction and to envision and plan for our lawn and spectacular gardens. He is a professional in every sense of the word. He is confident in his knowledge, yet knows, that "at the end of the day", this is your home. One example comes to mind. I shared with Steve early on that I love lilacs. In his planning of our gardens, he made sure there would be lilac plants outside the kitchen window so I would be greeted each morning by lilacs. He is extremely knowledgeable about plants and soil and light, but he also is sensitive to his clients. If you love color, as I do, he will get you color. If there is a plant or flower that will do well in an area, but is not your favorite, then he will find one that is. He NEVER takes short cuts. He will find the answer and solution that will satisfy you. The other quality about Steve I appreciate enormously is his availability. When Steve says he is available 24/7, he is. I have gotten Steve on vacation, in the evening at home and early in the morning. He becomes part of your team and your family and you never feel you are imposing. He genuinely likes what he does. I feel very fortunate to have Steve and Horizons Unlimited as part of my family and team.



You and your crew have been maintaining the landscaping and gardens at our home in Remsenburg for 9 years now. I thought it might be a good moment as we start our 10th season together to thank you for the years of great service, attention to detail and your expertise in plants, flowers and design.

Our home is beautiful due to your input and hard work. Whoever visits us comments on our landscaping and wild flower garden. None of which would happen without your hard work. Thanks again,

Nan & Ira Theodore

Functionality & Visual appeal

"Horizons landscaped our grounds with both functionality and visual appeal in mind. Improtantly, they incorporated our personal taste in the flower beds and plantings. Our property blooms all spring, summer and well into fall and they attend it with great care. Their reliability and professionalism have kept us satisfied clients for almost 20 years."



Everything looks so beautiful; we could not be more pleased! Thank you so much for all the work you and your crew did to make everything perfect for us. Our whole family was here, even the California contingent, and all enjoyed the fantastic, lush plantings and rich color. My husband loves the trees by the road; just what he wanted! All the annuals are just what I wanted, as well as the hydrangeas and astilbe, and everything else you fulfilled to the letter. Thank you.